To keep this Texas county red, Republican says it’s time to become politically intolerant

The Morning Call – FORT WORTH, Texas

There’s a new political battle cry in Tarrant County, Texas.

And it’s for political intolerance.

As the 2020 election looms, some Republicans concerned about losing power in Tarrant County which has stayed red as nearly every other major urban county turned blue say there needs to be a shift in thinking.

“If a change does not happen soon in the Tarrant County Republican Party, those who oppose the leftist agenda will see the loss of Tarrant County to the Democrats forever,” according to a post entitled “Prepare to be Intolerant” on the NE Tarrant Tea Party website.

“We need Republicans who are calling for the deportation of all illegals, the DACA babies, the anchor babies, & more,” continued the July post that pointed at a recent Tarrant County vote to let sheriff’s deputies continue working as ICE agents. “We must allow AND give cover to those with more extreme views on the right wing of the party.”

The post calls for supporting an “American Nationalist party.”

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