Tiny upstate town faced with NYC-like migrant influx: ‘Won’t take many to overwhelm the system’

In this small town — about as far as one can get from the southern border without entering Canada — residents are bracing for an influx of migrants that could cause a crisis similar to the one that has New York City facing a fiscal cliff.

“If a city of 8 million people can be overwhelmed by a couple thousand migrants, imagine what a couple hundred can do to overwhelm a small rural community upstate?” warned state Sen. George Borrello (R-Jamestown).

“It wouldn’t take many migrants to overwhelm the system,” he added.

At least 35 migrants from Colombia are known to have arrived in the tiny upstate city since late last year, with others believed to be living and the shadows and more certainly on the way, a leading Hispanic advocate told The Post.

Locals learned about the new arrivals after a volunteer with the Chautauqua County Hispanic Community Council overheard one speaking with a Colombian accent inside a Tops supermarket last month, council president Max Martin said.


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