Tim Scott blasts “liberal Democrats'” racist messages: ‘repugnant’

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Fox News:

  • Scott says his office received ‘more than a dozen’ offensive messages at the height of his drive for police reform.
  • “They called to say that I was in their crosshairs.”

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., told “The Story” Tuesday that “liberal Democrats” were responsible for the offensive voicemail messages he received at the height of his push for police reform.

Scott, the lone black Republican senator, played the messages for his Republican colleagues during a closed-door lunch last week.

“We had dozens — more than a dozen of them,” Scott told host Martha MacCallum. “I only played two of them, which were the most racially offensive comments from liberals in this country. They called to say that I was in their crosshairs.

“It was so profanity-laced, you can’t play five seconds of those videos on your show because there are that many f-bombs, the n-word — by liberal Democrats — causing a stir in my office, threatening my life. It is the most audacious, repugnant behavior I’ve seen in a very long time.”

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