Thousands of migrants are pouring into NYC from Texas, straining a shaky shelter system. When will it hit a tipping point?

Around 7,600 migrants have poured into New York over the last several weeks — many on buses from Texas courtesy of Gov. Greg Abbott — straining an already-shaky social service network.

The buses often show up with no warning, forcing the city and social service providers to scramble to provide aid. There is no indication how many more are coming, or when the influx might slow.

Here’s a look at how the city is handling the wave of new arrivals — and when the city’s already overflowing shelter system might reach a breaking point.

How many migrants have come to New York so far?

With migrants from South America crossing the U.S. Southern border in record numbers, roughly 7,600 asylum seekers have cycled through the shelter system since this spring, according to Mayor Eric Adams. Around 5,700 migrants are reportedly still in the system.

Of those, about 1,500 asylum seekers have arrived on the buses from Abbott, according to the New York Immigration Coalition. As a sanctuary city, New York is an attractive destination for those arriving in the country with few resources.


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