Thousands of Marines Defying Biden’s Military Vaccine Mandate

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Thousands of active-duty Marines will miss the Marine Corps and Navy’s November 28 deadline to be fully-vaccinated, as ordered by the Biden Administration’s military vaccine mandate, according to reports.

About 91 percent of active-duty Marines and 66 percent of Marine reservists are fully-vaccinated as of last Wednesday, according to the Marine Corps.

hat still leaves as many as 10,000 active-duty Marines not fully vaccinated, according to the Washington Post, which the paper said was the U.S. military’s “worst immunization rate” and characterized as a “vexing outcome.”

The thousands of Marines will join almost 10,000 Air Force personnel who did not comply with the vaccine mandate by the deadline.

There will likely be thousands more not-complying, with the Army’s deadline looming on December 15.

The non-compliance poses a challenge to the Biden administration — which has threatened consequences, including separation from the military, for service members who do not comply with the mandate.

The Biden Administration has even opposed taking dishonorable discharges off the table for service members who do not comply.

But the resistance may stiffen.

Last week, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt (R) ordered Oklahoma National Guard members to ignore the Pentagon’s mandate when not on federal missions and more governors may take similar steps.

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