Thousands of illegal immigrants wait for asylum under Texas bridge

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NY Post

Over 10,000 illegal immigrants are waiting for asylum under the Del Rio International Bridge, the majority of whom are from Haiti, after crossing into the United States via the Rio Grande this week, and local officials expect more in the coming days. As of Thursday, Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano said there were 10,503 migrants under the bridge where food and water remains scarce. Reuters reportedly witnessed hundreds of people going back across the Rio Grande to Mexico to gather more supplies they have been unable to get in Texas. Images show illegal immigrants carrying water, food, and other provisions across the river. Some migrants have been told they could be stuck at the camp for up to five days. Many told the outlet that they are running out of money as they wait. The majority of the illegal immigrants hail from Haiti, while others are reportedly coming from Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Many of them have received tickets from US Border Patrol with numbers to determine when they will be processed. One family told the Washington Post that according to their ticket, they are roughly 2,000th in line.

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