Thousand Oaks gunman Ian David Long once attacked track coach


The war vet who massacred 12 people in a California bar once shook with rage as he attacked a track coach at his high school, she recalled in a report.

Dominique Colell told the Los Angeles Times that Ian David Long lunged at her in the spring of 2008 when he was a senior at Newbury Park High School. Colell, then 28, was the girls track coach and also disciplined the boys team.

“He started to grab at me,” Colell told the paper. “He reached around and with one arm, groped my stomach. He grabbed my butt with the other arm.”

The incident erupted when the coach found a cellphone and was trying to figure out who owned it.

When Long saw Colell with the device, he rushed over, yelling expletives and demanding that she hand it over.

But she refused, telling him she needed to make sure it was his, by calling the number listed under “Mom.”

That’s when he lunged.

After that, Colell said, she demanded that Long “Get out!” and kicked him off the squad.

The next day, Long came to practice with flowers and begged to be allowed back on the team. Colell refused.

Another coach to whom Long had complained questioned her decision, and a high school administrator told her she was “just too young and good-looking to be taken seriously,” she said.

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