Thoughts on “Stop Mass Hysteria” from the Savage Team

JIM – The part that captured me was on Page 192 when you talked about the Red Scare. It demonstrates a couple of things; first, that this kind of hysteria crosses not only decades but centuries and we are all susceptible to it. Second, it seems any time there is a crisis, real or perceived, those who mean to do ill will and try to impose power over a population will use that crisis to get it. The evidence is strong in our recent history as the Red Scare in the early part of the century, the anarchist movement in the 20’s, the rise of the Nazi’s and Fascists in the 30’s, the communist scare in the 50’s, the nuclear standoff during the cold war, all the way to the terrorist threats later in the decade are just as a few examples, allowed certain people to come to power and use it to influence millions to do their will.

DOUG – One of the reason that i enjoyed this book were the facts presented to combat the various mass hysteria’s we are bombarded with in the media. An example of this is in the chapter titled “from Salem to CNN” on page 88 in a subsection titled “imagined threats versus real danger” Dr Savage explains how the media generally does not understand how Islam is at war with the world, and lists fact after fact, making his point using historical facts and not emotions, as well as giving you a list of facts to further explore in discussions with those who do not agree.

KAREN – Quote from page 147: I have always said our nation’s future depends on three qualities: borders, language, culture. Look at any nation or empire throughout history, from Ancient Rome to colonial great Britain. Once any of those have been compromised, the entity cannot be sustained. Appropriately, as Lincoln said, quoting Jesus Christ in that 1858 speech against slavery, “a house divided cannot stand.” The concepts of American unity have been lost to the progressive mainstream media and social media, and to the screeching vultures on the left – the sowers of mass hysteria like Obama, bill DeBlasio, the clinging Clintons, Nancy Pelosi, and financial backers of social unrest such as the infamous George “the disrupter” Soros – who have stopped listening to any voices but their own and have willfully divided this house. Like isis blowing up historic sites in the middle east in an effort to erase history that does not perfectly conform to or align with their myopic worldview, SJW’s will not rest until they have destroyed America, taken its territory, and instituted laws that favor only their point of view. I would trade a thousand such leaders for one Robert e. Lee.

CLINT – Page 165 spoke to me because it deals with Fake News. This relates to everything that has been going on in the past month regarding Kavanaugh, Ford and CIA fakery. Hysteria outside the trenches aptly describes this. Your description of the three factors that cause this kind of stress, physical, psychological and exhaustion, not only relate historically to the kinds of mass hysteria perpetrated in the past, but exactly to what is going on today. And Trump being President has pushed these unstable radicals beyond a breaking point no one could have imagined.

RYAN – A very important chapter in this book is discussing imagined threats vs real danger. The book gives an example of radical Islam. The main stream media will not discuss the true dangers that threaten the western world because it has been labeled as “Islamophobic” to speak any inconvenient truths about the subject. The mainstream media will not discuss radical Islam even though it is a danger that exists with many examples in the book that prove it. But the media will cover topics about how gender is a social construct and the members of our society who don’t know if they are a boy, a girl or a salmon are being threatened by those who won’t conform to their crazy beliefs. Or like how Kavanaugh is a threat to all women’s rights because of a 40 year old accusation. It is an imagined threat that they shove down our throats, when it reality it is simply hysteria to distract the public and keep their eyes away from the main issues and the real threats we face. The truth hurts feelings and we have become very, very sensitive to the truth.