‘This should not happen,’ MBTA GM says after 25 injured in Green Line trolley crash in Boston

WCVB Boston:

More than 20 people were injured after two Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Green Line trolleys were involved in a crash along Commonwealth Avenue near Agganis Arena.

A total of 25 people suffered non life-threatening injuries according to the Boston EMS after the crash involving two MBTA vehicles in the 900 block of Commonwealth Avenue between Babcock Street and Harry Agganis Way.

“We have our safety department on scene currently conducting an investigation,” MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak says. “This should not happen and we will find out why it happened and ensure it won’t happen again.”

Video from the scene showed Green Line trolley 3705 with severe damage to one end of the unit, with part of the trolley bent in and shattered glass on the front windshield. There was also damage to Green Line trolley 3697.

Witnesses say the two MBTA Green Line B Branch trolley vehicles were heading outbound when the collision happened.

“The train was stopped at the light when it suddenly jerked forward,” MBTA passenger Brian Sirman, who was on one of the trains, said. “It felt like the worst amusement park ride that you could imagine, just jerking you forward.”

“I didn’t fall out of my seat other than bumping my head on the metal bar behind me,” Sirman said. “Everyone else who was in the side seats or standing ended up on the floor.”

Initially, Sirman thought the crash was due to mechanical failure. “I hadn’t realized we were hit until I was leaving the scene and saw the end of the second car smashed in.”

“I was just making pizzas, I heard a bang and everything started to shake,” one witness at Blaze Pizza, across from the crash said.

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