THIS IS SICKENING – Store owner, 68, pistol-whipped, hit with hammer in sickening 20-minute attack: video

NY Post

Sickening video shows an elderly jewelry store owner getting pistol-whipped and stomped on the head — before he was hit “full force” in his skull with a hammer during the brutal, 20-minute robbery, according to kin. Footage shared by the 68-year-old Delaware store owner’s family shows a man dressed all in black — including a mask — initially pretending to show interest in the jewelry at Solid Gold in downtown Wilmington on Sept. 15. But then he suddenly grabs the Korean American store owner near his throat — and appears to hold a pistol to his head. Despite his victim not appearing to resist, the black-clad thug then slams the weapon into the elderly man’s head. Even though the first hit seems to completely daze the store owner, the attacker still hits him two more times with the weapon before allowing his victim to slump to the floor

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