‘This is not the venue to litigate that’ – Lindsey Graham Opposes Hunter Biden Subpoena in Impeachment Trial

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Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said Friday that he will oppose a motion to subpoena Hunter Biden if fellow senators vote to approve new witnesses as part of the upper chamber’s impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Asked by reporters if he would support a motion to impel Hunter Biden to appear, the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman said he would “vote against it,” reports The Hill.

Graham explained that he will not support hearing from Biden because he believes the trial needs to draw to a swift end.

“To my Republican friends, you may upset about what happened in Ukraine with the Bidens, but this is not the venue to litigate that,” he said.

Graham then added that he is unaware of three other senators who would also vote against the move; however, political observers believe his opposition to it would end hopes of Biden’s testimony.

“I need some Republicans who would say, as much as I want to know more about Burisma and the Bidens, this is not the venue. I’ve got to find four,” he stated.

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