This is New York City’s most disgusting subway car


This is ‘litter-ally’ the most vile subway car in New York City.

Repugnant video posted to Facebook on Tuesday shows a southbound 2 train at the Allerton Avenue stop in the Bronx that looks like it would be far more at home in the Fresh Kill’s landfill.

Mushrooming mounds of trash — newspapers, plastic bags, and discarded bottles, wrappers, personal belongings — carpet nearly half the car, as the handful of passengers seem oblivious to the revolting conditions

“This how the trains be looking in the morning. This s–t is crazy,” says cameraman Timothy Brown, 33, who recorded the squalid scene and posted it to his Instagram. “They want us to pay more money? Look at this.”

“This s–t make you not want to sit on trains and all that,” he continues, panning the camera across the disgusting car.

Later, he told the Post “I was disgusted. That train had a little bit of everything. Everything you think shouldn’t be on a train was there.”

There were “no words” to describe the smell, Brown said. “There’s no explaining it. It was horrible.”

He told the Post he was on his way to work at a construction site when he encountered the dirty train.

“I’ve never seen trains like this. I’ve never seen homeless like this,” he said. “People are hopping the train, hopping the bus, and they wonder why? They wonder why we don’t wanna pay.”

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