WATCH – They gave Trump voters sharpies and now their votes are being invalidated! WTF!

WITF – Pennsylvania:

About half of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties rolled out new voting machines for the off-year election Tuesday, with only a few reports of problems or confusion at the polls.

Voters in York County complained early in the day of delays caused by problems with the ballot scanning devices.

State Sen. Kristin Phillips-Hill, R-York, says she started getting calls shortly after the polls opened Tuesday morning that the machines were jamming and causing delays. She said those problems could affect voters’ confidence in the election.

“If that ballot is rejected, for example if they over-voted for county commissioner, and that ballot is rejected, then that person has no way of knowing that their vote has been invalidated. That’s not acceptable,” she said.

In Jefferson County, which also debuted its Dominion system, poll workers reported problems with Sharpie markers bleeding through the paper ballots and causing them to be rejected, according to chief clerk and elections director Karen Lupone.

It wasn’t happening in every precinct, but Lupone advised poll workers to stop using the markers in favor of black pens packed in their equipment bags as a backup in case the Sharpies ran dry or extras were needed.

Dominion had advised using permanent markers, Lupone said.


Armstrong County Democratic Committee Chairman Steve Atwood has been hearing about the issue with Sharpie markers, too.

Atwood said he’d visited six polling places by Tuesday evening.

“At a lot of them, the markers bled through and voters had to redo their ballots,” Atwood said. “They’re small complaints, but I thought that was a big issue – if you have markers bleeding through, throw them out and use something that works.”

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