These are the extreme measures Vladimir Putin takes to avoid COVID-19 (slideshow)

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New York Post:

President Trump may admire Russian president Vladimir Putin – but the two took radically different approaches to the coronavirus.

While Trump mostly shunned masks and flew around the country to rallies, Putin has lived and worked since the pandemic broke out in March as if he were the “Bubble Boy” from “Seinfeld.”

With few exceptions, Putin has been holed up at his home outside Moscow — with extreme measures put into place to make sure he doesn’t catch the virus.

Staffers coming to work with him have to do more than wear masks and keep six feet away.

Outsiders must traverse special disinfectant tunnels before getting anywhere near him, CNN reported.  The tunnels were installed in chez Putin in June. That same month, Putin appeared in public for a postponed Victory Day parade with dozens of World War II veterans who had to quarantine for two weeks prior to the event.

Recently, a Russian investigative news outlet outlined the elaborate rules involving contact with Putin. Those who seek even the most basic photo ops with Putin must undergo a strict quarantine for two weeks, no matter what their stature.

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