There’s no hiding Biden’s fright over classified document scandal

Joe Biden is panicking. 

An astonishing fifth trove of classified documents was discovered in the president’s Delaware mansion Friday, not by his own lawyers this time, but during a more thorough, 13-hour search by the Department of Justice while he holed up in his beach house in Rehoboth, which ought to be next on the DOJ search list. 

Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has had the audacity to appoint a special counsel to investigate Biden

His long-term trusted factotum Ron Klain is bailing out. 

And someone at the White House is throwing his trusted longtime executive assistant Kathy Chung under the bus. The Washington Post quoted an anonymous insider last week saying that Chung “has confided to associates that she is distressed that she might have inadvertently been involved in moving or storing classified material at the center, planting the seeds of the current uproar.” The fact that the loyal Chung was personally poached by Hunter Biden in 2012 to work for his father in the VP’s office apparently counts for nothing when it comes to offloading blame from the president. 

“I think you’re gonna find there’s nothing there,” he told reporters. “I have no regrets … There’s no there there.” 

No there there? What a joke. 

The no-there-there defense may have worked for Biden back in the 2020 campaign, when he repeatedly claimed to know nothing about his son’s overseas business dealings, and when the mythology of “Honest Joe” hadn’t collapsed, but no more. Too much evidence has emerged from Hunter’s laptop, from Hunter’s former business partners, from the “Twitter files” and from FBI whistleblowers alleging a cover-up of staggering proportions. 


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