Therapy alpaca killed in violent dog attack


An Australian dog owner allegedly allowed his pet to maul a therapy alpaca so badly it had to be put down.

Nils Lantzke was walking his two alpacas, Mimosa and Hercules, in the capital city of Canberra just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday when they encountered a man walking his black dog off lead.

The alpacas were part of a group called Alpaca Therapy that has provided support for people in mental health units and hospices for the past 15 years.

When Lantzke saw the dog approaching he asked the owner to keep it away.

The man reportedly ignored his request and continued approaching until his dog started attacking Hercules, the large male alpaca.

Lantzke told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation he was screaming at the owner to stop his dog, but instead of trying to help, the man reportedly started filming the sickening attack.

“He attacked Hercules first, the white boy, and Hercules went into classic attack position on his hind legs to attack the dog, but the dog left him and attacked Mimosa, a tiny little girl,” he said.

“And the dog just went to town on her.”

In an effort to help Mimosa, Lantzke grabbed a stick and started hitting the dog, hoping to stop the attack.

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