‘The View’ hosts react to the Democratic debate: “Bernie looked like he crawled out of a garbage can”


It took a full year, but The View‘s Abby Huntsman finally said something so hilarious that I actually laughed out loud. On Friday morning, the women of The View debriefed after ABC’s 2020 Democratic debate, and there was no shortage of topics to discuss.

The co-hosts agreed that Julian Castro’s dig at Joe Biden was “tone deaf” and “cringeworthy,” and they called out the candidate for trafficking in “ageism.” They were equally critical of Bernie Sanders, who could be heard loudly coughing throughout the first half of the debate.

In a moment that no one acknowledged (but they definitely should have), Huntsman came in with the zinger of the week, saying, “Bernie looked like he crawled out of a garbage can.”

The View‘s co-hosts began their debate discussion by slamming Castro for questioning Biden’s memory. “Don’t do that. That was not what we needed last night,” said moderator Whoopi Goldberg. Huntsman and Sunny Hostin were equally critical, calling the moment “cringeworthy” and “very, very tone deaf,” respectively.

Conservative Meghan McCain was also quick to slam the Democratic candidate — the women of The View all in agreement? It really is Friday the 13th. “He was clearly looking for a cheap shot,” she said. “Put a fork in it. The campaign’s over. That is a Trump tactic.”

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