The truth has been spoken… French cuisine screams white supremacy!

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What took them so long?

A law professor has suggested that France’s food is racist. A video of Mathilde Cohen, discussing “food whiteness” at a seminar organised by the elite Sciences Po and Nanterre University outside Paris, has provoked consternation in France, where cuisine is seen as a cornerstone of the national identity.

Mathilde Cohen, a law professor from Connecticut University, has been seen on video discussing “food whiteness”, how French ­eating habits reinforce the ­“dominance” of Caucasians over ethnic minorities and saying that French “eating culture … has been the central means of racial and ­ethnic identity formation through slavery, colonialism, and immigration.

“The whiteness of French food is all the more ­powerful in that it is unnamed, ­enabling the racial majority to benefit from food privileges without having to acknowledge their racial origin.”

No, we haven’t the faintest idea what she’s talking about, and I’m not at all sure she does either, but that’s no reason not to take this brave ­campaigner for freedom and ­equality from the cruel enslavement by French food seriously.

In fact, not only is French food racist, but it is also fattist, because it contains so much butter and cream that differently bodied- ­people, namely those with a stone or five to spare, are deliberately made to get even fatter because the stuff is so delicious that it’s almost impossible not to pig out on it.

How typical of the French to seek world domination by way of haute cuisine.

Not that we British aren’t guilty of all sorts of similar crimes, oh deary me no. It’s a well-established fact that curry is now the nation’s favourite dish which, obviously,
is an act of gross cultural appropriation, but did you know that exactly the same can be said of fish and chips?

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