The truth about Democrats’ climate chamber


Joe Biden’s bleeding eye at the Democrats’ marathon “climate crisis” town hall on CNN is as good an omen as any of the political curse of eco-catastrophism.

From banning cheeseburgers and plastic straws to aborting babies in poor countries, the swivel-eyed climate zealotry of the 10 Democratic front-runners has just rendered them unelectable.

It’s extraordinary the candidates were gullible enough to be lured into what clearly was an ambush by puppet youth climate activists from the shadowy Sunrise Movement and

Sunrise boasted afterward that it engineered the seven-hour talkfest, bypassing the DNC’s refusal to hold an official climate debate. (Next up is CNN’s LGBTQ Town Hall next month, proving the Democrats are fatally preoccupied with fringe concerns that might get them plaudits on Twitter but won’t win over a single voter from Donald Trump.)

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