The trouble with alienating Middle America

The Spectator:

Donald Trump is not the left’s real target. We — anyone who holds conservative principles — are the target

You’ve got to admire the left. Granted, they own the internet, the media, the courts (apparently) and now the government, so it’s not like they’re working against insurmountable odds. But still, it’s remarkable that they’ve managed to achieve the seemingly impossible: uniting America.

I beg your pardon? Oh yes, they’ve united America — or the America that counts, anyway: the ruling class — and in the cleverest way imaginable. Instead of issuing boring platitudes like ‘we must unite for the sake of our nation’ and ‘this is not a time for stoking divisions’, they’ve found a scapegoat we can all come together in condemning.

No, not Donald Trump; a good half of the country still likes him and clearly isn’t about to change its mind.

No: the enemy we can all, left and right, join in deploring with equal contempt, that fearsome manifestation of unwashed humanity, the Trump supporter.

At best, he’s an enabler; at worst, a domestic terrorist. (Speaking of which, who put those pipe bombs in the two parties’ headquarters? And why is there more excitement about a guy in a fur hat in the Speaker’s chair than about the fact that someone planted two bombs in government buildings?)

But we digress.

The inspired thing about condemning the Trump supporter is that it forces the 99.99 percent of Trump supporters who didn’t break the law to distance themselves from their political beliefs — or share in the label of ‘domestic terrorist’ and ‘insurrectionist’.

Trump supporters went to Washington on January 6 planning nothing more than to make some noise and express their displeasure with the government’s refusal to take their concerns about election integrity seriously. A few hotheads got out of hand; the police were oddly unprepared, and tragically, people died: three accidentally, due to medical emergencies caused by crowd conditions, two others because of poor decisions made in the heat of the moment.

There doesn’t seem to be any evidence of a well-orchestrated plot to overthrow the United States government. Except maybe the pipe-bomb planter, who remains unidentified.

Yes, there was trespassing on the hallowed ground of government. But it’s ironic that people who have spent the last four years attacking the formerly sacrosanct office of the president of the United States with a virulence and a hatred that passes anything seen before in the history of America, literally calling for his death, disgrace, silencing and imprisonment on multiple platforms all day, every day, as the international community looked on and rejoiced at America’s weakness — these people are now getting uptight about the holy ground of government. I have heard of exactly one (1) lectern and two (2) computers reported missing from the Capitol. You’d get more stuff stolen during a fire drill at your college library.

But all that doesn’t matter. Those who like to consider themselves the ‘adults’ of America are now united in agreeing that this was a planned act of insurrection. Anyone who doesn’t agree to identify events as not the impulsive behavior of a few hotheads but a deliberate fomentation of the entire Trump movement is himself a traitor, a supporter of mob rule. The message is plain: if you don’t agree Donald Trump is responsible for this not-terribly-earthshaking act of violence, then you have no future in the leadership of America.

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