The Teachers’ Unions Will Shoot Their Hostages

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The Washington Free Beacon:

Increasingly bizarre demands aim to prevent any return to school

For America’s kids and parents, the reopening of schools in coming weeks is a source of fear and frustration. For teachers’ unions, always claiming to “put the kids first,” it’s another opportunity for politicking.

On Tuesday evening, just before a slated speech by presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden, American Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten announced that the national union would back strikes by local members objecting to inadequate health and safety standards. That threat marks progress insofar as a strike would see teachers forgo pay if they abstain from work, the same choice facing many other Americans.

We do not begrudge teachers the right to negotiate a safe work environment. But teachers’ unions like the AFT have gone beyond calling for increased safety measures which, even if adopted, would not satisfy their demands for a zero-risk environment. The Durham Association of Educators has demanded Medicare for All and “direct income support regardless of immigration status” before their members go back to work. United Teachers Los Angeles also wants Medicare for All, the defunding of the LAPD, and a nationwide wealth tax before Angelino teachers return to the classroom.

Next week, several major unions will participate in a mass protest. Their goal? Those ostensibly concerned about safety in schools will demand the removal of public safety officers from their hallways.

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