TWITTER RESPONSE – Was awful. Debate was done poorly. No time for each to respond after attacked. Made no sense. Forced interruptions. No fact checking on biden getting money. Trump got too personal. Needed to stick to issues. Guns. Speech. Riots. Police. Open economy. Versus hell on earth if they win. Too confusing. Lost message. 

JIM – You were right about Trump being over aggressive. Biden was up against the wall on all the questions because his brain was deserting him. He should have let Biden bury himself and then pick his spots. But he kept stepping on Biden destroying himself. On the other hand he got his message out that many have not heard before and he kept Biden off his scripted answers. He got Hunter Biden’s shady track record out there and defended himself well. It’s a stark difference between the two but I think this is the last debate, and there were really no winners here. I texted you after the first question was asked and said that Biden was already stumbling. He was doing it all night. You could see Biden’s brain flailing for the correct answers and Trump bailed him out every time by interrupting him. I understand why he did – he was trying to throw Biden off, and he was trying to get narratives out there that the press never reports. But he stepped all over letting Biden fail. My wife, who is apolitical but will most likely vote for Trump, said it was a disaster and Trump acted childish. This is the white suburban woman he needs. She said she learned nothing about what either wanted to do for the country. My son who will be voting for the first time said he was speechless. It was ridiculous and not even entertaining. It was just gibberish.   

ROBERT – I thought last night’s debate showed EXACTLY where America is at as a nation.  You had two people on the stage with opposing stances on issues, and all they could do was talk over each other, insult one another and not take the time to actually listen to anything being said.  All the while, they ignored the whole reason why they are there in the first place; to tell the American people WHY they should be casting their vote for them in November. 

Chris Wallace went from Moderator to active unfriendly combatant against President Trump.  Wallace let Biden off the hook numerous times when Biden was either lying or stumbling all over his words trying to form a complete thought.  He allowed Biden to say what he wanted to say, no matter how egregious it was.  Meanwhile, Wallace took the time to “fact check” and at one point, straight up DEBATE Trump on issues such as climate change.  To say Chris Wallace was a moderator would be a severe mischaracterization of his role for the evening. 

Donald Trump should have taken debate prep more seriously.  When he had the change to bury Joe Biden when asked why people should vote for him, he squandered the opportunity by not having something prepared ahead of time that highlights what he as actually done in office.  

There were several instances where Biden was on the ropes, figuratively hanging himself, and rather than letting him go down in flames, Trump would often throw him a life line and save him.  Why would you do that?  Trump could have accomplished much more if he had let Biden fully show just how far gone mentally he is.  

Biden is out to lunch, plain and simple.  He says the Green New Deal isn’t his deal, though on his website, he fully touts it.  He tried to box, and looked like a feeble old man in doing so. 

I wanted Trump to be more reserved in this debate, I didn’t want to see the brash self-aggrandizing New Yorker at the podium.  I wanted him to let his policies and his accomplishments win the night.  But I will fully admit, there were times that when Trump decided to actively fight back against the lies being told about him, I absolutely pumped my fist and showed excitement for what I was hearing.  For far too long, republicans have allowed the democrats to walk all over them.  It was refreshing to have someone stand up and say no more.  


1. Chris Wallace was terrible as a “moderator” 

2. Biden looked weak and frail, not able to handle the rapid fire hits he was taking 

3. Trump was his own worst enemy, which is pretty common.  He acted like he was tweeting rather than debating. 

4. The continuous shouting matches and insults perfectly show where we are as a country right now. 

RYAN – The debate was an embarrassment to this nation. It wasn’t a debate, it was a circus. Listening to Wallace talk over Trump and repeatedly reminding the nation that he was the moderator was about as low class as you could get. Any time an actual “debate” could have happened, Wallace put a stop to it. Obviously he was put there to shield Biden from Trump’s inevitable onslaught, we now can confirm he’s an agent of the left and Fox News has lost credibility for allowing him to “moderate” in such fashion.

Trump was obviously frustrated by how poorly the debate was being conducted and it showed. It got to him and he acted out. It seemed like he let his emotions take over at times, but it’s hard to blame him considering everything he tried to say was stopped by Mr. Moderator. But he was the only man on that stage that seemed to be fighting for the American citizens.

Biden… well he was able to stand for 90 minutes so let’s give him that much credit. But without Wallace standing up for him, he may have collapsed… that proves he is not fit to lead any nation when he can’t even lead himself through a debate.

I don’t think anyone’s opinion of either candidate changed after last night (other than the Hispanic voters) and I believe most people in America aren’t changing their vote.

HELEN – Trump made massively good points, full of facts, data, insight, AND he responded superbly to Biden’s childish insults. BUT … He blew all that goodness by making his points when it wasn’t his turn! By talking over Biden his points couldn’t be heard. RESULT – Viewers walked away with “he’s rude” instead of “he’s smart!” 

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