Greenwich Village residents are not fans of these new kids on the block.

A band of foul-mouthed, toy gun-waving, pot-puffing high school hooligans are keeping residents of West 13th off 6th Avenue hostage in their own tony homes, terrified denizens told The Post.

For at least a year while school is in session, the roughnecks roam from stoop to stoop every day at lunchtime, rolling blunts, getting high, acting out and taunting anyone who gets in their way.

“They are the bane of the block,” fumed Michael Figueroa, 53, a superintendent for two buildings, who has chased the group from his locations, cleaned up their mess and witnessed the rowdy behavior firsthand.

Both this week and last, The Post spotted the ruffians brandishing realistic-looking imitation guns, which they fired at frightened pedestrians. Neighbors pointed to the fake TEC-9 semi-automatic pistol as a tragedy waiting to happen.


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