The party of Chaos

Before the upcoming midterm elections ask yourself why the Democrat Party is the “Party of Chaos”?

Look at the policies: 

Gender identity discussion in preschools. Chaos!

Third world immigrants flooding the southern border. Chaos!

Economy going down a very scary black hole. Chaos!

Rapidly escalating violent crime. Chaos!

Fentanyl epidemic. Chaos!

Healthcare system rapidly becoming incapable of providing care. Chaos!

Political discourse hurtling toward an all time level of disfunction. Chaos!

The leader of the free world believing a deceased congresswoman is in his audience. Chaos! 

The list goes on forever. So why all the Chaos? 

As we learned during the Covid pandemic (which was chaotic) the Democrat party is interested in control. We also learned that The American People will trade an awful lot IF someone will control the chaos. The Democrats are spreading chaos across our great land. They are betting that you will trade freedom if someone will just bring the chaos under control.

And we have already proven that we will………


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