The Nation Claims GOP Created Base of ‘Radicalism, Racism,’ Laments Need to Care for ‘Miserable White People’

Republican use of “radicalism and racism” is not “merely responding to its base, but [the GOP] has actually created it,” states a recent piece in the Nation that laments the need to “care about miserable white people” simply due to their “disproportionate political power.”

The Tuesday essay titled “Do We Really Have to Care About Miserable White People?” and penned by the Nation national affairs correspondent Joan Walsh, bears the subheading “Sadly, yes, because they wield disproportionate political power.”

The piece begins by describing the “endless stories about the white voters who elected Donald Trump dying ‘deaths of despair,’” with rising rates of suicide, drug overdose, alcohol-related liver failure, and Covid deaths in their voting districts.

Walsh cites a New York Times analysis alleging on Monday that white residents of districts represented by those Republican House members who voted not to certify the Electoral College results on January 6, “are becoming a minority more quickly” while struggling more both economically and socially.

She describes these white voters as “the sad sacks who drove the House Republicans’ election denial caucus.”

According to Walsh, because many of these districts “are based in the former Confederacy,” the fact “shouldn’t be surprising,” adding that “when you perceive yourself as outnumbered, and somehow unfairly so, I guess it’s easier to give up on the promise of democracy—especially when your leaders are telling you to.”

Despite “disabling racism afflicting so much of the white working class,” the leftist political pundit lamented that though Democrats do “a lot,” none of it appears to have helped attract more people from that voter bloc.


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