The Media Handles Amy Coney Barrett’s Faith With All the Care of a Paranoid Drunk

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Red State:

Watching the media jump to the conclusion that Judge Amy Coney Barrett is guaranteed to be Donald Trump’s next pick has been a real treat. Much like Ash Wednesday and the Lenten season, Barrett’s faith is something the media can’t help but attack with all the accuracy of an archer strung out on meth.

On a pretty regular basis, Christianity comes under fire from the media and from Democrats simply because the central tenets of the Christian faith (the right to life, putting God before government, etc.) are in direct contradiction to the central tenets of progressivism’s faith (abortion, putting your faith in government instead of God, etc.).

Catholicism, for various reasons, is often attacked whenever put before a Senate committee, and we will no doubt see more of that if and when Barrett is nominated to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

As the attacks on Barrett began, it was very clear exactly what spin the media was going to put on it: as a practicing Catholic whose faith is central to her application of the law, Barrett is a religious fanatic who will bring about the era of Handmaids in our country.


The Newsweek debacle from Tuesday morning is proof enough that the media has absolutely no idea what it’s talking about when it brings up these smears. After claiming that a Catholic group Barrett belongs to, the People of Praise, was the inspiration for Margaret Atwood’s A Handmaid’s Tale, the outlet then had to correct the piece to say that the People of Hope were the alleged inspiration for the (absolutely unbearable) book, which should not have merited the correction that Newsweek put in, but a complete retraction of the story.

But that is to be expected. The facts don’t matter, and these media outlets can’t even be bothered to look at actual facts at all. They would rather go off their own (incorrect) preconceived notions about Barrett’s faith all because her appointment to the Supreme Court could mean trouble for their most precious sacrament, the right to kill the unborn.

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