Watched the movie to see a prequel to the Sopranos world. Got an after-school special about the one dimensional world of the oppressed Black man and the oppressed wife. After school-special because the movie is so heavy handed with morality and poorly produced. A man looting during a riot is shot and a woman who looks old enough to be his mother cries and screams over his body. Why would his mother even there?

Every Italian male in the movie is like debris on the screen. Involved in an incoherent story line while sneering at Black people and being rude to women. The racist White male ogre trope could have at least been interesting if they would have tried to justify their racism like Tony Soprano barely used to. This movie was supposed to show some kind of triumph or struggle? Why not show the opposing forces? Somebody who hates and oppresses for no reason is not interesting. It doesn’t even exist outside the imagination of the ADL and race hustlers. Cartoons characters have more weight on screen.

Who are these people that ruin a party ranting about a Black family that moved in? Repeating it over and over and over and over again to all his friends he hasn’t seen in four years? White Supremacist don’t exist. The worst variety are White Nationalists and if you listen to them talk they don’t hate anyone or want to be over anyone. It’s in the name ‘Nationalist’. They want to be like Israel but without genocide of Palistinians or anyone else. Make a movie like this but get Jarod Taylor to consult. Now that would be interesting.

I digress, back to the story, for a while there is a mob war. It seems to start because one Black man is inexplicably upset about working for an Italian man. The Italian man seems nice and keeps giving the Black man money throughout the movie just to stay cool with him. The Blacks gun down a few made men, then the made men just go about life with stolen speakers and walking on the beach with goomahs as if it didn’t happen. It’s as if the Sopranos fans were sacrificed to the woke Gods. I won’t spoil the part with Uncle Junior, but it was absurd. The people with enough money to make a movies don’t like commoners so they have to create racism with this woke garbage in order to distinguish themselves.

Gandolfini is good in the movie but you can see all his good scenes in the trailer.

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