‘The Jewish’: NAACP official suspended over comments about Jewish people


An NAACP official in New Jersey was removed from his position following backlash to comments he made about Jewish people.

The Montclair, New Jersey, branch of the NAACP voted Monday night for education chair James Harris to step down for six months. The vote came after Harris said at a Dec. 30, 2019, meeting that the “Jewish community controls the Board of Education and the City Council but they spend huge amounts of money sending their kids to the yeshivahs, and they’ve gutted the budget for the black and Latino students who are left in public schools.”

Harris said Lakewood, New Jersey, residents feared “being replaced by these strangers who really weren’t friendly,” referring to Hasidic Jews, video posted online shows. He also said “people are very, very quick to label anything that’s critical of Israel or the Jewish as anti-Semitic. Excuse me, if the facts are facts, that doesn’t necessarily make it anti-Semitic.”

Harris’s comments came fewer than three weeks after the anti-Semitic mass shooting in Jersey City, New Jersey. Harris also said at the meeting that he believed the mass shooting received disproportionate attention, compared to murders in the black community.

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