The Hidden Meaning Behind Your Dog’s Behaviors

We know a lot about how dogs experience the world through their body language. Dogs exhibit a variety of demeanors and actions that allow us to have a better understanding of how they are feeling and what they need. In this way, caregivers are better able to build positive relationships with their dogs, one that is based on trust and understanding . Do you know the real reason why your dog wants to show you their toy or why their tongue hangs out to the side? Check out the following common dog behaviors so that you can better understand your dog and become a better companion and caregiver for it.

Long Legs

When your dog gets up on his hind legs, it can have a number of meanings. One of these is a sign of affection. Like humans, sometimes they just want to hug you. But, if they get up on their hind legs while interacting with other dogs it can be a sign that they’re feeling playful. If they aren’t growling or acting aggressively, then this is just their way of playing.

Chewing on the Furniture Doesn’t Mean They’re Hungry

Just like growing children, puppies will want to chew on toys and other objects in order to relieve the pain of growing teeth. But, if your pet is always chewing the furniture and they aren’t a puppy anymore, this could be a sign of something else. It can be a sign that they aren’t getting enough physical activity and need a way to get their energy out. You can start by getting them out of the house for a walk. While this won’t solve everything, it’s a good starting point. You can usually tell when your dog isn’t getting enough exercise and this is one telltale sign.

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