The ‘Hate Trump’ agenda by the Democrats has gone way too far


In the aftermath of the horrific tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, we need to be elevating the things that bind us together, cherishing our values, helping others and holding our loved ones close. It is not the time for turning these acts of terror into weapons against political opponents.

Both acts were pure evil. There is simply no rationale other than pure hate. One was a racist white supremacist who was in favor of population control and against drilling out of concern for climate change. The other was a socialist and a satanist who ranted against both police officers and white supremacists. This is not coherent. Both were sick, deranged, and evil.

Yet the extremely twisted ideology of one shooter is getting the bulk of the media coverage because only one could be weaponized against President Trump. The media obsession that drives every news cycle to inflict damage against him has gone way too far. Instead of mourning the dead, the media is turning the horrific attack in El Paso, where the blame belongs only to the evil perpetrator, into a horrible politicized weapon.

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