The FBI used a Philly protester’s Etsy profile, LinkedIn and other internet posts to charge her with setting a police car ablaze

Philadelphia Inquirer:

As demonstrators shouted, fires burned outside City Hall and Philadelphia convulsed with outrage over the death of George Floyd, television news helicopters captured footage of a masked woman with a peace sign tattoo and a light blue T-shirt setting a police SUV ablaze.

Now, more than two weeks after that climactic moment on May 30, federal authorities say they’ve identified that arsonist as Lore-Elisabeth Blumenthal, a 33-year-old Philadelphia massage therapist, by following a complicated trail of breadcrumbs she had left on the Internet over years.

The path took agents from Instagram, where amateur photographers also captured shots of the masked arsonist that day, to an Etsy shop that sold the distinctive T-shirt the woman was wearing in the video. It led investigators to her LinkedIn page, to her profile on the fashion website Poshmark, and eventually to her doorstep in Germantown.

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