The Europeanized USA

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: America is undergoing a rapid transformation founded in a moral panic over race that masks the exercise of class-based power in which technology companies and left-wing politics have united to wield unprecedented control. The outcome will likely be a union of Europeanized states where freedoms are severely curtailed and social cohesion is minimized in favor of dependency.

America’s friends and allies looked upon the Trump years as epitomizing the worst tendencies of isolationism, jingoism, and xenophobia. With the Biden administration barely a few months old, an entirely new path has been charted. But whether America’s friends and allies will cheer the emerging outcomes remains to be seen.

Several processes familiar to Europeans have taken hold with ferocity in the US:

  • massive censorship (and self-censorship) of the media in the name of mitigating “hate” and shaping institutions and attitudes, creating palpable gaps between realities unfolding in the streets and attitudes;
  • politicization of government (already mobilized to defeat Trump the interloper and marginalize his supporters) at all levels in the name of “safety” over the course of the pandemic, leading to pervasive restrictions on civil liberties including freedom of speech, movement, assembly, and even religion; 
  • an alliance of technology monopolies to shape all narratives regarding health and safety and, more generally, to foment a sense of crisis that has now been extended to include the prevention of “hate” via such methods as deplatforming individuals, including a sitting president, and expunging old books from the culture for their newly declared “racist” imagery;  
  • a moral panic and uprooting of allegedly retrograde attitudes and histories, colonialism in Europe, racism in America, suddenly intolerable phenomena that are at once so complex and historically grounded yet so malleable as to lend themselves to expansive use as slurs; and
  • an opening of borders to mass illegal immigration in a pattern that first denies the problem exists and brands critics as racist and then calls the problem so vast as to be uncontrollable and the removal of any legal barriers to entry, a process that replaces the concept of citizenship with residence.

Many more examples could be cited. Fundamentally, the issue is a matter of a left-wing technocratic ruling class exerting power using new rhetoric regarding “hate,” race, and gender.

A haphazard re-engineering of America is taking place at breakneck speed.

The apparent goal is a low-cohesion, low-trust (as well as low-growth and low-innovation) European-style social democracy with a large dependent class, presided over by a permanent government overseen by an expert class of technocrats and ideologues devising top-down solutions to problems both real and invented. That this is the antithesis of representative democracy and the utter undoing of American tradition could not be more apparent. Nor is the fact that this process is managed by a technocratic left-wing oligarchy that has a near total grip on the country’s institutions, including government, media, education, and corporations

The right-wing reaction, a predictable byproduct of rapid marginalization of groups and values, seen in the outrageous January 2021 Washington riots (falsely deemed an ”insurrection”) and even more shocking outbreaks of interpersonal violence, is welcomed by the ruling class as confirmation of the immoral and irredeemable nature of the “deplorables.” So too is pervasive (and deliberately under-reported) left-wing political violence from the anarcho-communist Antifa movement as well as conventional (and rapidly growing) criminal violence, primarily emanating from the black community, against itself and others—most recently, Asian Americans.

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