The death of downtown: San Francisco, Cleveland and Portland have seen activity drop by almost 50 percent – as soaring crime in the Democrat-run cities forces workers, tourists and homeowners away

San Francisco, Cleveland and Portland have the most deserted downtowns in the US as soaring crime rates in the Democratic cities scare away workers and tourists.

In a recent study by the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California Berkeley, San Francisco’s downtown area was found to be only 31 percent active over the spring of 2022 when compared to pre-pandemic levels, with Cleveland at 36 percent and Portland at 41 percent.

Meanwhile, cities like Salt Lake City, Utah, Bakersfield, California and Columbus Ohio are enjoying the fastest comeback, seeing their downtown activity go up by more than 110 percent since 2019. 

By tracking more than 18 million smartphone users traveling through America’s busiest downtowns, researchers found that the three cities, which have been plagued by a spike in crime, are trailing in COVID-19 recovery. 


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