The AP Sounds Alarm Over Lack of American-Born Black Players in World Series

In a Wednesday op-ed, the Associated Press expressed its outrage that “for the first time since 1950,” there will be no black players taking the field during MLB’s World Series game.

In his op-ed, AP writer Ben Walker was seen wringing hands that as the World Series kicks off on Oct. 28, there will “be no U.S.-born Black players” on the field.
Walker quotes an alarmed Bob Kendrick, president of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum in Kansas City, Missouri, who said, “That is eye opening. That is eye opening. It is somewhat startling that two cities that have high African American populations, there’s not a single Black player.”

The op-ed also grumbles that “Starting in 1954 when Willie Mays and the New York Giants played against Larry Doby and Cleveland, every single team to reach the World Series had at least one U.S.-born Black player until the 2005 Astros did not.” (The 2005 series champs Chicago White Sox, though, had about a dozen blacks on the roster, both players and coaches and staff.)


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