‘That’s disingenuous’: DeSantis slams Jen Psaki claim about Florida vaccination numbers


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis responded to White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki’s claim Monday that Florida hasn’t distributed more than half of their vaccine supply.

“I will note, cause we’re data first, facts first here, that they’ve only distributed about 50% of the vaccines that they have been given in Florida. So clearly they have a good deal of the vaccine, that supply will need to continue to increase as they are able to effectively reach people across the state,” said White House Press Secretary Jenn Psaki.

“That’s disingenuous,” DeSantis said at a Publix in Vero Beach Tuesday morning.

The governor said the state is holding on to doses that are needed for seniors who received their first shot and are awaiting their second shot.

“If the White House is suggesting that we shouldn’t be doing that, I don’t think that’s a good suggestion.”

DeSantis says the flow of COVID-19 vaccines has been stagnant and the state needs more to meet the increasing demand from residents.

DeSantis said officials in Washington told Florida it would start to see the supply increase around this time, but that hasn’t happened. Last week, the governor said the state doesn’t need FEMA sites to distribute vaccines, saying it already has the infrastructure set up, with hospitals, pharmacies and some of the major drive-thru testing sites.

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