The Thames River ‘freezes over’ in London after days of subzero temperatures

The Independent:

UK experiences coldest February night for quarter of a century

Parts of the River Thames in London froze over for the first time in more than a decade as the UK experienced the coldest February night for a quarter of a century.

Temperatures plummeted to below -20C in parts of the country this week as Storm Darcy descended on the country.

In the capital, the mercury dropped to -2C overnight on Thursday to leave a part of the Thames frozen over in Teddington, southwest London.

The Teddington lifeboat station tweeted a picture of the solid water, saying: “Not often the Thames freezes over in Teddington. Might have to use the D class [inflatable] lifeboat as an icebreaker!”

The Thames has frozen over before, including during the winter of 1962-63, which was one of the coldest winters in the UK on record.

During the Big Freeze of 1963, the upper reaches of the river froze over, and the ice was thick enough for people to skate on in parts.

Before that, frost fairs were held on the tideway of the Thames in London between the early 17th and early 19th centuries during the period known as the Little Ice Age.

Temperatures are expected to drop as low as -5C in London in the early hours of Saturday morning. But milder conditions are expected moving into Sunday and Monday when it could reach up to 5C and 12C respectively.

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