Texas sends two busloads of migrants outside home of Kamala Harris

Twobusloadsof migrants were dropped off by a metro bus stop near Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence in the Naval Observatory during the brisk early morning hours on Thursday.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s administration approved the drop-off following her assertion that the southern border is “secure” during a recent interview. The Lone Star State’s morning surprise to Harris was intended to belie her claim and bring the problem she is ignoring to her doorstep, a source told the Washington Examiner.

“Our supposed Border Czar, Vice President Kamala Harris, has yet to even visit the border to see firsthand the impact of the open border policies she has helped implement,” Abbott said in a press release. “Texas will continue sending migrants to sanctuary cities like Washington, D.C. until President Biden and Border Czar Harris step up and do their jobs.”

“The border is secure,” Harris insisted to Meet the Press host Chuck Todd in a recent interview.

Harris has been dubbed by conservative detractors as the “border czar” after President Joe Biden made her the point person for immigration problems dogging the country last year. Her mission was to address the “root causes” of the migration influx at the southern border by making diplomatic overtures to the migrants’ home countries to help them remedy the underlying problems catalyzing mass emigration.


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