Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Doesn’t Acknowledge Joe Biden Win, Calls for Recounts to Continue

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Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) avoided acknowledging former Vice President Joe Biden’s projected electoral win and said that the process of recounts and vote-counting should continue.

“Democracy depends upon fair and open elections. We all agree that every legal vote counts and that illegal votes do not. There are processes in place in each state to determine if any vote is legal, and we must respect those processes to ensure the integrity of our elections,” Abbott said in a written statement Monday evening.

Abbott’s statement comes days after mainstream media outlets called Biden president-elect Saturday, projecting he would win Pennsylvania and secure its electoral votes.

President Donald Trump had not conceded the election, claiming it was stolen because of massive voter fraud.

Trump’s campaign has filed legal challenges in several battleground states.

The campaign has indicated it will call for recounts in Wisconsin and Michigan, as well as Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Former President George W. Bush, a Republican, congratulated Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) on their electoral victory, saying the election outcome was “clear.”

But many other Republicans like Abbott have questioned the results.

“Resolving disputes over vote counts is not uncharted territory,” Abbott said. “It happens frequently, including in presidential contests like the one asserted by Al Gore. Regardless of party affiliation, or no party affiliation, all Americans must have confidence in the accuracy and transparency of our elections. That can be achieved, and must be done swiftly.”

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