Texas Gov. Abbot signs executive order to defend against ‘federal overreach’ from Biden administration

The Post Millennial:

Greg Abbot, Texas’s Governor, has just signed an executive order directing all state agencies to “use all lawful powers and tools” against the Biden administration in order to defend the state’s energy industry.

Abbot said the following in the discussion above:

“The men and women who work in the energy industry produce the affordable energy that powers our lives and they are vital to the Texas economy.”

“Texas is a pro-energy state, and we will not sit idly by and allow the Biden administration or local governments to destroy jobs and raise energy costs for Texas families. My Executive Order will help ensure that the federal government cannot take away the livelihoods of Texans who work so hard to provide our state and our nation with the energy we need.”

This order is considered by many to be a response to the flurry of executive orders undertaken by Joe Biden in his first week in office, many of them which could potentially have a negative economic impact on Texas.

Biden’s policies have also drawn criticism from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Thursday, when he wrote the following:

“There’s nothing green about a tsunami of pink slips for American workers, or carting Canadian crude around in trucks and trains instead of a pipeline, This piecemeal green new deal is the wrong prescription: wrong for the environment, wrong for national security, and most of all for the working Americans who will soon be formerly working Americans if this keeps up.”

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