Tesla tell Texas car owners when to charge their cars to mitigate power shortages

Tesla is asking drivers of its electric cars to avoid charging during Texas’ peak energy consumption hours to prevent strain on the Lone Star State’s power grid.

The Verge reports Wednesday that Tesla sent its customers an alert directly to each car’s internal screen that reads, “A heat wave is expected to impact the grid in Texas over the next few days. The grid operator recommends to avoid charging during peak hours between 3pm and 8pm, if possible, to help statewide efforts to manage demand.”

After a 2021 winter power failure Texas officials have been working to update, winterize, and overhaul Texas’ power grid, which is operated by Electric Reliability Council of Texas or ERCOT.

Even as efforts have been made to make  changes to ERCOT’s power grid, use of its electricity delivery infrastructure has fallen behind the summer energy demands. In the face of a heatwave ERCOT has called on residents to conserve electricity between the times of 2pm and 8pm.

According to The Verge, “The heat dome fueling the heatwave is also depriving Texas of its wind power, which typically generates about a quarter of its electricity.”


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