TECH MONK: Inside Jack Dorsey’s strange lifestyle as it’s revealed Elon Musk spent seven times founder’s net worth to buy Twitter


TWITTER co-founder Jack Dorsey eats only one meal per day and once spent his birthday at a silent retreat where you can’t use technology or make eye contact.

Dorsey officially resigned as CEO of Twitter in 2021, and now, fellow billionaire Elon Musk has paid seven times Dorsey’s net worth to become the platform’s new owner.

The Tesla CEO secured a reported $44billion deal with Twitter on Monday – that is seven times Dorsey’s net worth of $6.6billion.

Dorsey, 45, has made headlines many times in the past for his unique health and wellness ideals.

Last year, he told podcast host Ben Greenfield that he only eats one meal per day, a rather extreme form of intermittent fasting, and sometimes would even skip meals altogether on weekends.

He said fasting helps him focus and “has been a new dimension.”

The tech giant said that he typically eats only dinner and will have a large meal with protein and a lot of greens.


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