Teacher Job Ad Branded ‘Racist’ for Excluding White Candidates

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An advertisement for a teacher position in Glasgow that was posted on the city council’s website has been branded as “racist” against white people as it only sought candidates “who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic”.

Scottish comedian and broadcaster Leo Kearse, a mainstay of the GB News programme Headliners, uncovered an ad for a £51,000 per year teachers position in the city of Glasgow, which seemingly excluded white people from the position, with the advert calling for candidates who are “experienced and dynamic individuals with an excellent track record in Primary/Secondary/ASL teaching and who identify as Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic.”

Controversially, the advert was posted on the official government website for the far-left Scottish National Party (SNP)-run Glasgow City Council, which later removed the ad.

According to the Scottish Express newspaper, it was taken down as it was uploaded to the site “accidentally”, with the local council claiming that it was originally only meant to be circulated internally.

Criticising the woke advert, Kearse wrote: “What’s racist today? Today the Scottish government is racist, excluding white people from applying for jobs (in a country that’s 96% white).”