Tax-Payer Funded $1.1 Billion U.S. Patriot Missile System in Ukraine “Likely Damaged” After Massive Russian Attack

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Russia claimed it destroyed a US-made Patriot missile defense system worth about $1.1 billion during a massive overnight missile attack on Kyiv Monday night, CNN reported.

Recall, on December 21, as part of President Zelenskyy’s visit to the White House, the Biden regime announced $1.85 billion in additional security assistance for Ukraine. This includes the authorization of a Presidential Drawdown of security assistance valued at up to $1 billion – the Patriot missile battery.

The Patriot missile battery is a unique system designed to intercept incoming missiles and was delivered just last month to Ukraine by the US and its NATO allies.

Russia bombarded Ukraine with the Kinzhal hypersonic missile, an air-launched ballistic missile that’s 10 times the speed of sound.