WATCH rogue nypd cops beat and arrest people for not ‘social distancing’

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New York Post:

An NYPD cop brandished a Taser at a bystander, dragged him to the ground and repeatedly struck him in a wild scene caught on video in the East Village — that started with a refusal to maintain social-distancing, officials said Sunday.

The tense run-in kicked off while cops were breaking up a Saturday gathering held amid the coronavirus crisis, Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Sunday.

Video of the incident opens with four lawmen in plainclothes dragging a man to the sidewalk near the corner of East Ninth Street and Avenue D, as a pal yells, “Stop! … What is he doing!”

Several feet down the block, a small group — including the person shooting the video — gather, drawing the attention of one of the cops.

One Finest emerges from the fracas and walks towards the bystanders, holding his Taser aloft in his right hand, the video shows.

“Move the f–k back right now!” the cop can be heard saying. “What you flexing for? Don’t flex.”

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