Tampa parents sue Academy of the Holy Names, question Catholic school’s teachings

News Center 8 – Tampa FL:

A Tampa couple is suing a Catholic school and demanding the return of a large donation, saying it isn’t adhering to Catholic values because of the way it’s handling issues like race and accepting the LGBTQ community.

Anthony and Barbara Scarpo filed their lawsuit against the Academy of the Holy Names in Tampa last month. It comes four years after the couple pledged $1.35 million to the school. 

The couple claims the school has “lost its way” by embracing a “woke culture” where priority is given to “gender identity, human sexuality and pregnancy termination among other hot button issues.”

Attorney Adam Levine is representing the Scarpo family in the lawsuit and says the focus of the school’s education has changed.

“The school shifted from offering a Catholic education to offering a much more liberal, much more secular education, where the education started to leave out anything related to the church,” said Levine.

The family’s attorney says they are not opposed to the issues being presented, but they do believe they should be presented along with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

“This is not about, we’re not allowed to talk about same-sex marriage. This is all about if you are going to talk about it, and you are going to educate our students about it, at least provide the church’s position on same-sex marriages,” said Levine.

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