Taliban Rule: Attackers Burn Transgender Afghan’s Feet in Torture Attack

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The Afghan outlet Tolo News reported on Wednesday that transgender people in the country are facing heightened fear of brutal violence under the Taliban rule, detailing the story of one person beaten and burned by a gang of attackers.

Abdul Sabor Husseini, who the broadcaster identified as a “transgender person,” told Tolo News that “unknown individuals” staged a gang beating that began after Husseini refused to engage in sexual relations with them.

“They were three people, and their faces were covered. They beat me and I was screaming and then I was unconscious,” Husseini told the outlet, adding that “the attackers burned his feet,” according to Tolo. Husseini added that the attack was the second in as many years.

“I don’t know why and for how long I will be facing these problems. They beat us and insult us,” Husseini lamented.

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