Taliban parade two men through streets with blackened faces and nooses around necks

Sickening images show two men being paraded through an Afghanistan street with their faces tarred black — and being pulled by nooses around their necks.

“Taliban accused these men of theft, their faces were colored with black color — to embarrass them,” tweeted Bilal Sarwary, one of Afghanistan’s leading journalists, who said he was sent the images late last week.

The photos show the unidentified pair surrounded by a mob of heavily armed men, many punching the air in apparent celebration as others hold assault rifles aloft.

The men’s faces were both completely blackened, seemingly with a tar-like substance, and both had nooses tight around the neck, which was pulled by at least one in the mob, the images show.

“This was after the Friday prayers inside Herat city,” Sarwary also tweeted, with a video of the parade showing dozens of supposed Taliban supporters marching alongside the accused thieves.

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