Taliban Bans Women from Amusement Parks and Gyms

The Taliban regime in Afghanistan issued an edict on Friday banning women from amusement parks and gymnasiums, purportedly because they were not obeying the extremist government’s orders to wear hijabs and remain segregated from men in public areas.

“Unfortunately, the orders were not obeyed and the rules were violated, and we had to close parks and gyms for women. In most cases, we have seen both men and women together in parks and, unfortunately, the hijab was not observed,” explained Mohammed Akef Mohajer, spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry of Virtue and Vice. 

Mohajer argued the Taliban deserved credit because it “tried its best” to let women use public areas, offering such helpful measures as allowing women in the parks on special segregated days when men were kept out.

Afghanistan’s Khaama Press reported on Thursday that women were immediately turned away from amusement parks in the capital city of Kabul, including the Habibullah Zazai private park, where managers informed female visitors they had received orders from the Ministry of Virtue and Vice to keep them out.


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