Taiwan train derails in tunnel, many casualties

The New York Post:

Train crash in Taiwan kills at least 49 people, injures dozens more

The death toll in the horrific passenger train crash in Taiwan on Friday climbed to at least 49, with 66 injured, after it struck an unmanned vehicle that had rolled down a hill, according to reports.

Officials said the deadly derailment may have been caused by a maintenance vehicle striking the train before it entered the tunnel near the coastal city of Hualien, Agence France-Presse reported.

“There was a construction vehicle that didn’t park properly and slid onto the rail track,” police Chief Tsai Ding-hsien told reporters.

Images from the disaster scene showed the back of a yellow flatbed truck on its side next to the train.

The eight-car train was packed with almost 500 people heading down the east coast for the annual Tomb Sweeping Festival, a four-day public holiday, according to AFP.

Taiwan’s National Fire Agency said 66 people have been hospitalized.

President Tsai Ing-wen, who visited an emergency response center in the capital Taipei, said investigators “will definitely clarify the cause of the incident that has caused major casualties.”

She added: “I hope the deceased can rest in peace and the wounded can recover soon.”

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