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Cotton: Afghanistan Is Only Place Biden Says He’s Tied to Trump’s Policies, China Sees Afghanistan as Sign We Won’t Defend Taiwan

On Monday Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) responded to President Joe Biden blaming former President Donald Trump for tying his hands in Afghanistan by stating that Biden doesn’t feel tied to Trump’s policies in any other area. ‘

He went on to say that the situation in Afghanistan has undercut America’s credibility, and “over the last 72 hours, Xi Jinping is grinning like the cat who ate the canary when he thinks about Joe Biden’s willingness to support Taiwan should the Chinese Communists invade it.”

Cotton said, “So, if only Joe Biden had his hands tied by the Trump administration’s policies and the course they had set, our border would still be closed. But Joe Biden conceives himself as tied to Donald Trump’s policies no other place in the world, except for Afghanistan.”

He later added, “Any partner around the world, which is to say almost every partner, who counts on American credibility, who counts on the credibility and the word and the judgment of the American president right now is worried about whether or not this president will answer the bell when it’s time to get in the ring. And in particular, … Taiwan.”

“I mean, Taiwan’s autonomy and the status quo between Taiwan and mainland China is almost entirely dependent on whether Xi Jinping thinks [Joe Biden] will come to Taiwan’s defense if he goes for the jugular.”

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